Peach Galette.

Great bake.!

No Thyme to Waste


September is officially here. Autumn is just around the corner and with that I have to make something pie-like. We’ve had a hot spell here this week, incredibly humid, but the scents in the air and the daylight are different. They’re autumn. There’s something about this season that relaxes me, and that must be why it’s my favourite. Suddenly I’m okay with slowing down, reading a book, sipping coffee for hours, simply watching the passing by of things and people. The pace gets slower and the food gets warmer.

This works well for us since I can’t keep baking whole cakes and trays of bars, we just can’t keep up with eating it! Now pies and galettes on the other hand are perfect for any meal of the day! Not too sweet, you don’t feel like you’re eating full-on dessert. These are my favourite types of baking projects: those that double…

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